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Helping bring quality productions to
Central Florida and beyond.

Sheri Taylor has been honored to work with creative film professionals, enthusiasts, corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, networks, municipalities & locations from the Space Coast of Florida and beyond including directors, writers, crew members, composers, actors, film groups, vocalists, bands, to even YouTubers, Podcasters, inventors, .

She has worked in the capacity as an award winning*

creative consultant / producer / executive producer / film developer / co-producer /actress & more. Her creative-business minded nature, attention to detail, positive attitude and dedication to helping your Film, Show, succeed is a winning combination. 

Sheri's production work includes:

     *Multi Award Winning Screenplay

- Grand Jury Award Best Screenplay NOVA Film Festival

- Best Script: Youth / Family at H & Action On Film Festivals

  • and more


  • Short Films

    • Blood Initiate  (short*) 

    • Reconnaissance (short*)

    • To Learn The Piano with Closed Eyes (short*)

    • Betty B's Spa (short)

    • and more

  • Event Productions

    • Business Events

    • Fine Art Festivals (Melbourne Art Festival)

    • Music Productions (Bands & Recording Artists)

    • Magic Productions  (Florida Magician of The Year)

    • Memorials & Weddings 

    • Theatrical Productions (Children's Theater, Choral)

    • Webinars

    • and more

Helping bringing a production to life and making it successful is an art who's frame is a beautiful "Infinity Box" of opportunity. 

Here's to making great moment for your production.

Keep on creating & be in touch!

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